Client Success: How LED Screens Gave Clear Skincare the Perfect Glow

It is 20 years since Clear Skincare Clinics opened its first outlet in Sydney with a simple but powerful promise: we will do everything we can to help you feel confident in your skin.

On that, you could say they’ve been clear, crystal clear. And it’s this commitment to consistently deliver on the promise that has seen the fledgling company now stand proud as one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most respected and innovative group of clinics devoted to general skincare, acne treatment, cosmetic injectables and laser hair removal.

Its most advanced treatments are now accessible to millions of people through some 55 clinics across both countries.

When you look to set yourself apart and offer world best practice, it’s vital that every element of the enterprise is in perfect synch with the promise – and that includes the visual displays.”

As the group’s head of brand and marketing, Gavin Bell, says, when you look to set yourself apart and offer world best practice, it’s vital that every element of the enterprise is in perfect synch with the promise – and that includes the visual displays.

“Given our focus on regular promotions and special offers which we run at least quarterly, we started by rolling out digital screens in the windows but soon discovered reality fell way short of the hype and promise,” he says.

“Putting it bluntly, the digital screens were problematic. They broke down far too often – and when they did, it was a costly and time-consuming exercise to get them up and running again, not to mention the negative customer experience a blank screen delivers to anyone walking past a window.”

These issues led Clear Skincare Clinics to move away from digital displays and to large decals applied to the windows. But again, this proved to be less than perfect. Yes, the size was spectacular but it came at a price: they had to be up on the windows for a long time to justify the expense, and then there was the added expense of having to call on a professional service each time they needed to remove and replace.

Perhaps most crucially for Gavin, though, was that they failed to visually capture the essence of the brand, now and into the future.

“When we discovered the VitrineMedia static backlit LED screens, we suspected instantly that we were staring at the perfect complement to what our highly trained doctors, nurses and therapists do”, continues Gavin.

“And that’s precisely how it has turned out, with the VitrineMedia screens – just like Clear Skincare Clinics – delivering on their promise, day after day”.

Indeed, VitrineMedia’s backlit LED screens have solved the display challenges Clear Skincare Clinics faced by, in the words of Gavin, “being everything the digital screens and decals are not.”

“They make a visual statement that surpasses that of digital screens, all the more so at night; they’re super reliable and simply don’t break down; and apart from being neat, tidy and energy-efficient, the visuals can be updated as often as required…quickly too – and by the staff within each clinic

They’re clean, neat and, dare I say, clinical, in every sense.

While it is early days, with the VitrineMedia rollout only 10% completed, the chosen solution – an A1 vertical screen at the top of the window, below which are two A2 horizontal screens, repeated across two windows – the anecdotal word is that they’re a great addition to the clinics and the perfect fit for the Clear Skincare brand.

Furthermore, there’s a consensus that with the VitrineMedia screens replacing the previous digital screens and decals, the clinics have become so much more open, accessible, light and inviting.

“They’re clean, neat and, dare I say, clinical, in every sense,” concludes Gavin.

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