Isn’t it time your window to the world brightened up your bottom line?

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QR in control to coax prospects further down the conversion funnel

As Aussies, we are very much up there with the world’s best when it comes to innovative thinking, to pushing the envelope, to embracing new technologies and, in many instances, creating them in our relentless pursuit of smart solutions to life’s challenges. 

In fact – and using boxing parlance – our ingenuity has us viewed by the rest of the world as a nation that often punches well above its weight.

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Windows and websites make a most intoxicating mix

Research tells us that there are currently some two billion websites on the internet, which I am sure you will agree is a rather scary number.

A little down on the ‘scary scale’ is the statistic that it is estimated that ‘only’ about 400 million of these are currently active. Whew, that’s a relief, he says with tongue firmly in cheek…

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Numbers to leave you, well, numb!

While COVID-19 – or coronavirus as it’s more commonly referred to by the non-medical multitude – has, rightly so, hogged the news these last few weeks and relegated other pressing issues such as environmental responsibility and sustainability to a battle over the crumbs, it’s important to remember that once the virus is controlled, we’ll still be faced with green challenges.

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